Feature Requests

hot keys started 5 months ago by Jordan Harding
Goran 5 months ago

Interesting. However, would you know which is which? We'll have to somewhere show the number of the timer I guess.

Hide Archived Clients, Projects, Tasks started 8 months ago by Donal Turrentine
Round up to in 15-minute increments started 5 months ago by jbrady
Keep the last entered TimerSync options as a default started 1 year ago by Michael Kubler
Font sizing started 1 year ago by Trevor R

Presale Questions

Security alerts started 5 months ago by Karsten Beyer
Goran 5 months ago

Karsten, thanks for your feedback and for letting me know about the issue. I'll certainly try to do what's in my power to remedy the problem, but this will take time.

If you still ...

Is it Windows 8 compatible? started 11 months ago by Mark Stewart
New project - Error started 2 years ago by John Doe
License Type and Usage started 2 years ago by srowat
One account, two users -- how to do??? started 3 years ago by SEA7

Support Requests & Bugs

Stuck on "there is a saved timer, please wait... started 1 month ago by darci
Goran 1 month ago

Is this taking too long? I know that the timer tries to load first the clients and projects before it loads the timer, but I guess if it takes too long and nothing changes that something is definitelly ...

High density pixel display issues started 2 months ago by Trevor R
Unable to just switch tasks started 2 months ago by laura
My timer disappeared! started 3 months ago by Jim
Stuck on "New Project" screen started 4 months ago by Trevor R



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