Feature Requests

Start timer with default value started 1 year ago by Richard
Richard  1 year ago

It would be great to start the timer with a default value, so that it doesnt start at 0. I always spend 5 minutes reading through an email, discussing on the phone, opening up programs, etc and I ...

hot keys started 4 years ago by Jordan Harding
Smaller timer and multiple monitor window recovery started 3 years ago by Craig Thackray
Hide Archived Clients, Projects, Tasks started 4 years ago by Donal Turrentine
Round up to in 15-minute increments started 4 years ago by jbrady

Presale Questions

Security alerts started 4 years ago by Karsten Beyer
WebSmith 3 years ago

Avast also has a problem and blocks download. I have reported it to them as a false positive ;) 

Is it Windows 8 compatible? started 4 years ago by Mark Stewart
New project - Error started 5 years ago by John Doe
License Type and Usage started 6 years ago by srowat
One account, two users -- how to do??? started 7 years ago by SEA7

Support Requests & Bugs

How to activate on 2nd computer started 2 years ago by brooklotzkar
Goran 2 years ago

If I understand the issue correctly, you don't have to change the license in case you need to install it on a second computer, you just need to download it to the new computer following this ...

Crashes on startup: internal gds software consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck) started 2 years ago by Thom
Client Field started 3 years ago by Jerry Davis
Timer Sync Log File started 6 years ago by David
Crashes when creating a New Project started 3 years ago by Dennis



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