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more standard keyboard editing/navigation in text area

Ok, I've got a real one this time :-)
When editing the "Notes" field, it's irksome that the text area doesn't support the ubiquitous CTRL-BACKSPACE keystroke to delete the previous word. CTRL-LEFT-ARROW followed by DEL or BACKSPACE works ok, but that shouldn't be necessary..

11:05 PM 12/12/2009 (7 years ago)

Yes, this one is real one, confirmed :-)
OK, seems like a handy feature, most probably I'll add it to the next minor release. I'll ping this thread when next release comes out.
Thanks for your valuable feedback!

7:42 AM 12/13/2009 (7 years ago)

While on the topic.. CTRL-A to Select All will be good: it helps when wanting to replace the whole contents of a botched note-taking :-)

9:40 AM 1/12/2010 (7 years ago)

I just want to update this thread, the latest release includes these features.

7:42 PM 2/2/2010 (7 years ago)

Right on!  These were much desired features that came into play right away :D  Thanks!


Out of band extra info: Trying to reply as myself, but my "display name is already in use".  I'm certain this has something to do with your move to comments from forum, but not sure how to circumvent..

11:22 PM 2/10/2010 (7 years ago)

Oh, I replied in the other thread, but here is it again. Check your email address, it is misspelled. I got two emails from my email server that your address is not found (and compared to the original entry in my forum database, there is a one letter difference).


11:44 PM 2/10/2010 (7 years ago)

I found a little bug with this simple but great enhancement. I think CTRL-BACKSPACE doesn't honor a newline as a word boundary the way the other CTRL-? combos do.

To reproduce, paste the following text as Notes:

more gallery formatting
publish for review

(There is a linebreak after "formatting".)

If you put the cursor just after "h" in "publish" and hit CTRL-BACKSPACE, instead of just the word "publish" being deleted, taken with it is also the word "formatting" on the previous line.

Instead, from the same position, CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT, and the cursor ends up on the first character of "publish", and the word "publish" is highlighted, as is expected/proper.  (Hit Delete or Backspace, and you will see the expected cumulative behavior of CTRL-BACKSPACE above)

10:30 PM 2/26/2010 (7 years ago)

Bronius, you are right, I just checked it. this will be corrected, thanks a lot!

10:36 PM 2/26/2010 (7 years ago)

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