timerSync is no longer in active development and licenses are no longer sold.

You are welcome to try our new product BlackTimer that is a replacement for timerSync.

If you hold a timerSync license, you can upgrade for free to BlackTimer or continue using timerSync.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Highly Configurable

timerSync has many options that lets you make it act the way you want it to act.

Start when Windows starts and autoconnect to your account. This way you don't have to open your browser, login to your FreshBooks account and navigate to the time tracking tab.

By default timerSync sits in the lower right corner of your screen, letting you focus on your work. If you find it unobstructive, you can switch ON the 'Keep on top' option, which will make it stay visible even when you work with other applications, making it real hard to forget that there is a timer running in the background.

Tight Integration

From the day one timerSync was specially designed to integrate with FreshBooks.
Need a new project or task created? Just select [new] from the Project or Task drop list, fill the form and hit Save.

Offline mode

No Internet at the moment? timerSync can run in Offline mode. Just uncheck the Online check mark, start the timer, submit the time when you're done and later when you'll have Internet connection switch to Online again.

What Our Customers Say

Todd Follansbee

As a usability consultant I need to track my time carefully AND I also review and test a lot of software. I am a tough critic. The TimerSync and Freshbooks tool was recommended to me so I tried it. I was and am 2 years later, very impressed. It is highly configurable, flexible, and intuitive. I wish I could say that more often!

I also wish I could say that it worked flawlessly but recently after doing a lot of computer maintenance, something went wrong. Literally with minutes of emailing a query to their "info@" address, I received a personal, friendly and helpful reply. These guys stayed right on top of my problem until it was solved even though it took a couple of emails. They went to surprising lengths to solve it. I also consult companies on customer support "best practices" and these folks were impeccable, really! (I know we all wish we could say that more often).

I know that testimonials are more persuasive when there is a little criticism to temper it, and I would give some if it were there but sorry. All I can say is that the price is right, the tool is great and the customer support team set an example of excellence many could learn from.

Nice job, keep it up.

Todd Follansbee

Tricia Gardner

As a Virtual Assistant I was always looking for the perfect way to keep track of my time. Once I got freshbooks I found timer sync. I have to say that timer sync has made my life so much easier and making keeping track of time painless. Any time I have had a question or concern Timer Sync customer support went way above and beyond to help me fix my problem and keep in constant contact with me while we worked through my issue. I would suggest timer sync to anyone and everyone that needs a great way to keep track of time. Defiantly money well spent in this Virtual Assistants eyes.

Tricia Gardner

Jordan Harding

Hey, I own filecart.com and I just bought your timer, I love it, it’s exactly what I was looking for and I am actually making a lot more money now since I’m not forgetting to enter time, it has already paid for itself a few times over.

Jordan Harding


  • Addicting, you'll never look back!

  • Only $24 USD

  • 30 days money-back guarantee

  • Lifetime Update & Support FREE!

  • Runs on Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

  • Fast Download ~ 7MB

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